OVN EDITORIAL on Feb. 28, 2020 OPINION PAGE: Write in Trevor Quirk for District 1 supervisor on March 3

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The Ojai Valley News endorses write-in candidate Trevor Quirk for Ventura County supervisor in District 1, which primarily covers the Ojai Valley and Ventura. The election is Tuesday, March 3.
For voters in the Ojai Valley and Ventura to have their votes for Quirk count, they must write in “Trevor Quirk” on the line in the District 1 supervisor column on their ballots. They must then fill in the circle next to his name. The District 1 supervisor seat has been held by Steve Bennett of Ventura and is open as he is termed out after serving for two decades.
The two people whose names are printed on the ballot for District 1 supervisor are Matt LaVere, attorney and Ventura mayor, and Jeff Ketelsen, hardware clerk, of Ojai.
Quirk, an attorney who lives in Upper Ojai, did not decide to run for supervisor until January, after the deadline to have his name printed on the ballot. That is when he learned that the Ventura City Council, headed by LaVere, had voted to send more than 10,000 legal notices and summonses to Ojai Valley and Ventura residents for its water lawsuit against them.
On top of that, LaVere and the Ventura City Council refused to release to the public how they voted in closed session to sue them or even when they voted.
Only after the OVN filed a complaint with the Ventura County district attorney did the public learn that the City Council members had voted unanimously on Sept. 9 to sue thousands of their neighbors.
So far, the city of Ventura has agreed to spend $4,438,000 on the lawsuit that could continue for years and cost millions more of taxpayer dollars.
When hundreds of concerned and outraged people jammed a public meeting in January, Quirk was moved to qualify as a write-in candidate for supervisor.
Quirk has worked tirelessly since then, organizing public meetings on the water litigation, speaking out at public meetings, knocking on doors, and inspiring scores of volunteers who know Quirk will be a champion for them and for good government.
Clearly, when LaVere voted to sue his own city residents, he demonstrated a failure to lead.
Quirk has already demonstrated exceptional leadership in organizing aid to Ventura County residents after the Thomas Fire and devastating Santa Barbara mudslides, and the subsequent natural disasters we have experienced.
The Ojai Valley News urges Ojai Valley and Ventura voters to write in Trevor Quirk’s name for District 1 Ventura County supervisor.


Photo by Greg A. Cooper

Trevor Quirk, center, at meeting organized by Ojai Valley News on Jan. 21 at the Boyd Center, to discuss the Ventura water lawsuit.

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