Power to change prescription drug prices

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Prescription drug prices are a local, state and national issue. Many politicians have said they are reaching across party lines to solve a problem all their constituents face. However, we have too many lawmakers focused exclusively on maneuvering for re-election as their primary mission. Too many are representing big donors, lobbyists and the health and drug industry at the expense of their constituents who, too often, get little more than lip service.
It is we, the people, who eventually pay the bill in outrageous costs for prescriptions. Every politician agrees that this must be brought under control. If they all agree, who then is preventing our lawmakers from changing the rules that govern prescription prices?
Who is responsible for a generic prescription being sold for $447 at Rite Aid and CVS, while the same drug is available at Ralphs grocery store on Victoria Avenue in Ventura for less than $22? That is the cost of a generic prescription.
Billions upon billions of dollars pharmaceutical companies are earning on prescription drugs are controlling our lawmakers. Those companies’ executives are the ones who don’t want Congress putting limits on this giant rip-off. It is time to demand lawmakers remove this abuse.
The No. 1 reason for personal bankruptcy in America is the cost of medical care. Time and again, promises made have not been kept. All that is offered are bait-and-switch schemes for families being crushed financially under healthcare costs.
It is time to take back our system. Have a district congressional caucus of voters develop a list of five or so workable, affordable, beneficial changes and give those to the candidates. If they are elected and don’t accomplish any of those listed items, we should not re-elect them. Look at their past promises. Most are unworkable and politicians are simply counting on our bad memories.
There are a number of federal bills to address prescription drug costs being decided now. Voters need to weigh in and to focus on what our lawmakers did not accomplish that they promised to accomplish.
Until lawmakers are able to enact needed reforms, we recommend a free medical app to help consumers find the best pricing on prescription drugs in the area: www.goodrx.com.