Obituaries - Recent

Obituaries - Recent

Mark Solomon (Nov. 1, 1947 - Nov. 6, 2019) & Cary Snur Solomon (Nov. 23, 1956 - Dec. 2, 2018)

Two twinkling stars, born in November, still shine brightly in our hearts: Mark S. Solomon, born November 1, 1947 and Cary Snur Solomon, born November 23, 1956.

They left this earthly plane during the era of COVID due to cancer. Both exceptional talents, each brought sparkle to every moment and to everyone who knew them through their creativity, joy, and warm heartedness.

Mark was born to Mollie and Lennie Solomon who raised him and his brother Gary, in Hartford Connecticut. After earning a Fine Arts degree from University of Connecticut, Mark and his writing partner, Mark Egan, moved to the West Coast to explore outlets for their creative talents.

In the early 80s, they had their first break becoming writers for the sitcom “Alice.”  Soon they became producers.  

After “Alice,” they continued writing and producing many favorites such as “Newhart,” “Ruth Harper,” “Grace Under Fire,” “Diagnosis Murder,” and numerous other sitcoms.

Mark’s magnum opus was the Emmy-nominated finale episode of “Newhart.” Mark also wrote the film “Joey DeVille,” and wrote and produced “Dented.”

Mark found humor in everything. Everyday experiences became his material — to the occasional red-faced delight of those closest to him.

Many times this material manifested in songs. Throughout his adulthood, he wrote hundreds of them.

Later in life, when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, he wrote the PD Song (“… I’ll survive because I’m in good company. It’s me, Michael J. Fox and Mohammad Ali”).

His greatest muse by far was his beautiful wife, Cary.

“So for now, I’ll have to be content with loving you from the wings.

You get so high on toe shoe pointe, you’ve got me tied to toe shoe strings.”

While working in a dance shoe store, Mark fell in love with an effervescent “Tiny Dancer,” as Cary became known. Cary was born to Betty and Bill Snur, and was the first of four children (Cary, Billy, Mike, and Amy). Cary and Billy were twins.

She was trained as a ballet dancer since the age of four, then was trained by Stanley Holden of the Royal Ballet. She had a career performing and teaching dance in the Los Angeles area.

She danced in operas, grand theaters, parks, movies, TV, and in a South American Circus!  Her adventurous spirit even led her to being a magician’s assistant on a cruise ship heading to China.

After a career in dance, she received a degree and top awards at the Fashion Design Institute.

Later, she dove deep into numerous fields of art including the fiber arts (dying, spinning, knitting), baking and cooking, jewelry making, and oil painting.

Her work gained critical acclaim and awards at local and regional exhibitions. Every aspect of her multifaceted talent shown with brilliance. It’s little wonder that these sparkling beings aligned.

"What you love to do is dance

You’re not ready to become a wife,

You’re already married to a ballerina life - What to do

I’m crazy in love with you”

But Cary was ready to become Mark’s wife and they were married on Valentine’s Day. They lived a luminous life of love, music, and dance for many years.

Mark and Cary’s spark of life, joy and laughter ignited each of us and continues to light and warm our lives.

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