Ojai City Watch 3/15/09

FROM: Sgt. Joe Evans Good morning watchers. A special thanks to all of you who got on the computer and began searching local sites like E-Bay and Craig's list for the stolen jewelry. I am happy to tell you that the jewelry was recovered and the case has been closed. It turns out the victim in this case was mistaken and had the missing items the entire time. Oops accidents happen. It was very interesting to see how many of you e-mailed me and said you were on the computer looking for these items. I have always told the chief that as a group, you are some of the most responsive people I have ever worked with. You have proved it over and over again. It is nice to know that when someone in our community needs help, You (all the members of City Watch and friends) really step up and give it your best. I am very honored to be involved with people of such high character. Speaking of the Chief, he has asked me to pass on the following letter. Oh yea, he also ordered me

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