Not your typical ladies' evening out

06052014 Mud Run

A team comprised of Ojai Valley athletes named Team Glitter and Mud competed in the American Hot Shots Extreme Mud Run May 17 in Santa Ynez. The extreme race covered more than 10 miles of ground, and the team of Paige Reynolds (from left), Jennifer Lacey-Gonzalez, Rhonda Lee, and Bethany Bode navigated more than 22 obstacles. Some of the obstacles include: Rope Climb, Tubes of Terror, Barbwire Assault, Cowboy Climb, Mud Alley, Board Walk, Trench Crawl, Climbing Walls, Monkey Bars, Half Pipe, Creeping Bear Crawl, Spiderman Walls, Over/Under, Trench Jump, Fire Jump, Fire Hose, Fireman Carry, Log Carry, Tires, The Drag, and more. (photo submitted)
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