Council Adopts Chain Store Moratorium

By Nao Braverman
A temporary moratorium against formula retail stores was finally adopted by the City Council at Tuesday night's special meeting but not without some mudslinging from both sides of the podium.

Councilwoman Sue Horgan opened the discussion with a comment in defense of Councilman Joe DeVito, for whom a recall petition is currently being circulated. She stated that the petition would do nothing more than "tear apart the social fabric of our community."
She characterized the recall as "mean-spirited and unwarranted" and asked that the proponents withdraw the petition and turn their efforts, instead, toward enhancing and improving the community.
Several residents criticized the tone of Horgan's comment and defended the recall petition.
"It's not about being mean-spirited, it's not about sour grapes" said former council candidate Leonard Klaif. "It's about saving Ojai … Two citizens have taken their own time to write initiatives regarding chain stores, what have you done?"

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