City Moving Forward On Bowl Plan

By Sondra Murphy

The money is still being collected, but the Ojai City Council is working to follow the time line necessary for the rebuilding of Libbey Bowl. On Tuesday, council members approved two items associated with the project to renovate the deteriorating facility in the heart of the city.

The city manager was authorized to execute a service agreement be-tween the city and Jones and Jones for construction management services during the approximately $3 million project, scheduled to begin in June at the conclusion of the 2010 Ojai Music Festival. Kevin Jones of the company acted as the project’s cost estimator during the conceptual design phase by David Bury & Company Architects, Ltd., then the city contracted with Jones and Jones directly last June to perform continued cost estimation services to assist in keeping the project design within the budget goal.
Ojai Public Works director Mike Culver said that there is now a need to hire a construction manager to act on behalf of the city throughout the bidding and construction phases. In November, Jones and Jones submitted a proposal to Culver for a fixed fee of $168,500 for construction management services for the duration of the project. “The typical fees for these services range from 5 to 10 percent of the total project cost, depending on the size and complexity of the project,” Culver reported. “This proposal amounts to 5.6 percent of the $3 million project cost.”
Councilwoman Betsy Clapp asked for specifics on the construction management job. “They will shepherd the process through the design phase, make sure cost strategies stay in place, assist with construction docs and bid docs,” said Culver. “Then, once the project starts, they will be the on-site manager.”
“We don’t pick the contractor, it’s let out to bid and the lowest responsible bidder gets the job,” said city attorney Monte Widders regarding the need for a manager to oversee the project.
Reimbursable expenses are anticipated not to exceed $5,000, making the total contract amount approved by the council $173,500. The agreement will include the standard termination clause that allows the city to end the agreement for any reason. Culver’s report said if, for any reason, the project did not proceed, the city would be able to terminate the agreement and would be liable only for expenses incurred to date by Jones and Jones.
Councilwoman Sue Horgan motioned for approval with the addition of a payments disbursement schedule for certain milestones. “I would just hate to run out of money before construction begins,” she said.
“I’m very happy that we have a local company,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Carol Smith. “We’re very privileged to have such an ethical company to work with it.”
The council next approved the recommended public art for Libbey Bowl. “This project requires public art, as does every public project above $300,000,” said city

The city manager was authorized to execute a service agreement be-tween the city and Jones and Jones for construction management

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