Esoteric astrology as news for the week of May 11 through 17:

Mother’s Day is Sunday; Tuesday is the new moon (24.36 degrees Taurus) and soon after, Uranus (planet of revolution, ultimate change) enters Taurus (stabilizing new archetypes, new ideas). This is a change for Uranus after seven years in Aries (all things new). 
Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers (whatever gender or species) and to fathers who are also mothers. We nurture and nourish and bring comfort to our mothers today in ways they need and understand (not our ways and needs). Mercury (talk) and moon (mother) enter Taurus Sunday, too. We speak comforting words and create beauty and the art of living for our mothers.
Tuesday early morning is the Taurus new moon. Sun and moon in Taurus — creating a new moon. The personality-building keynote for Taurus is, “Let struggle be undismayed.” It reveals the Ray 4 of Taurus, understanding harmony emerges from conflict and chaos. 

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