Do you think experts are ever wrong today?

Some things in life seem impossible. Even things that we take for granted every day were for many years considered in the realm of the impossible. On almost any day I can look up and see an airplane traveling across the pale blue-and-white backdrop. Most of us have been inside these huge compilations of metal, plastic and textile and have used them to travel for business and pleasure. It is one of my favorite things to do. But how can a million pounds of heavy materials be portioned and fit together to fly hundreds of people across the vast openness that we call sky? It truly is a marvel and yet is happens every day. The engineers tell us that when the principles are applied, the aerodynamic curvature of the wing coupled with the high velocity of the airplane impacts the air pressures above and below the wing, and something is created called “lift” which forces the whole thing upward. This isn’t a miracle, it is science and it happens every day.

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