Fire stories


A room at the Inn - Jen Burkett

The nearest hotel that had room for their 30 person strike team was near LAX!!! So I called a family friend, Adam Dutter, who works at The Ojai Valley Inn. I told him what Ryan had told me about sleeping in the dirt and asked Adam if there was someone he could ask about getting this strike team a place to sleep. I told Adam that they didn’t need rooms, just a place inside that could accommodate 30 people, a pillow and blanket would be a bonus! I mentioned a ball room and some cots would be a home run!

Adam made some calls and within 10 minutes called me back to tell me to send them over, that they were setting up the ball room as we spoke!!! I was amazed! So happy that my husband and his team would have a place to sleep!!

You would have to talk to Adam about what happened next, I don’t know any of the details. What I do know is that by the time the guys arrived at the Inn the cots in a ball room had turned into rooms! Nice rooms, with beds, and showers!! And even a suite for the chief!!

And still the most important part of this amazing event for me, the wife, at home, waiting for the next “I’m ok” text, is that a good night sleep for Ryan means safety. It means he will be able to think clearer, and more quickly the next day. If I know he is able to get some good sleep I worry less because I know he will be able to make better decisions.

The Inn REALLY came through for these guys, and not only for them, the homes that they were able to safe the next day because they were well rested, and the fire wives at home who could breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their husbands had a good night sleep.

AND the Inn welcomed them back for another night sleep on their next 24 hours off!!

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