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Businesses open in Ojai

Although many areas of the Ojai Valley suffered significant damage during the recent Thomas Fire, a vast majority of the businesses survived and are happy to be serving locals and our wonderful visitors alike. 

Throughout the recovery process, the Ojai Valley News will compile a list of businesses that are open as well as those that were impacted and may need a little time.

Click here to see the businesses open after the Thomas Fire.

Click here to see the businesses currently closed because of the Thomas Fire.

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News from around the Ojai Valley

Best of the Ojai Valley contest voting begins Aug. 7

The Ojai Valley News will open voting in its 2017 Best of the Ojai Valley contest Aug. 7 at 12:01 a.m. Voting will end Sept. 1 at noon and the results will be published in the 2017 Best of the Ojai Valley supplement in the Oct. 20 edition of the Ojai Valley News.
All ballots must be cast electronically at www.ojaivalleynews.com, no paper ballots will be accepted. 
Ojai Valley News subscribers and those who registered on the site to vote in previous year’s contests can log in with their existing log-in and password and click on the Best of Ojai Valley contest link in the main menu bar.
Those who are not registered will have to complete a very short registration process (it costs nothing and takes a lot longer to describe how to do it that it does to actually do it).
To register, go to www.ojaivalleynews.com and click on the subscription link in the main menu. When the subscription page appears, scroll down to the registered user only option and click the sign up button. 
After completing the short registration form, click the process subscription button. Users’ personal information will not be sold or used for any marketing purposes. The need to register is only to insure that only one vote per email address is counted.
The final step in the registration process is for the user to click the verification link in the email sent to them by the Ojai Valley News website. Voters can then return to the site, log in with their user name and password and click on the Best of Ojai Valley contest link in the menu bar and click the link for the 2017 best of survey.
To make the survey as easy to complete as possible, it is divided into five sections; Services, Retail, Food & Drink, Health & Beauty and Others. Voters do not have to answer every question. Those who wish to skip an entire section, can scroll to the bottom of the page and click the next button.
Each question will allow voters to “write in” an answer if their favorite is not included in the menu list. Businesses that receive enough write-in votes will automatically be listed under that question in next year’s survey.
2015/2016 Best of the Ojai Valley winners
1. Favorite “accounting/tax services” business
 1st - Jacobs & Jacobs
 2nd - Marie Estes-Pratt
 3rd - David Junod
2. Favorite “acupuncture” business
 1st - Laurie Edgcomb
 2nd - Ojai Herbs & Acupuncture
 3rd - Alan Chang
3. Favorite local “actor”
 1st - Jason Segal
 2nd - Bill Paxton
 3rd - Ted Danson
4. Favorite “annual event”
 1st - 4th of July parade & fireworks
 2nd - Ojai Day
 3rd - Ojai Wine Festival
5. Favorite “antique store”
 1st - Treasures of Ojai Antiques
 2nd - Sherlock’s Antiques
 3rd - Lynn Harding Antique Instruments
6. Favorite “architect”
 1st - Whitman Design
 2nd - Cornerstone Architects
 3rd - Nicholas Oatway
7. Favorite “arts & crafts” store
 1st - Ben Franklin
 2nd - Ojai Creates!
 3rd - Cattywampus Crafts
8. Favorite “art gallery”
 1st - Primavera
 2nd - Front Porch Gallery
 3rd - Gallery 525
9. Favorite Ojai-area “artist”
 1st - Carmen Abelleira
 2nd - Colleen McDougal
 3rd - Gayel Childress
10. Favorite “Asian” restaurant
 1st - Sakura Ojai
 2nd - Hakane Japanese Cuisine
 3rd - Exotic Thai Restaurant
11. Favorite “auto body repair” shop
 1st - Two Twelve Body and Restoration
 2nd - Brue’s Auto Body
12. Favorite “auto repair” business
 1st - Ojai Valley Imports
 2nd - Adamson Automotive & Towing
 3rd - Fred’s Tire Man”
13. Favorite “bakery”
 1st - Ojai Café Emporium
 2nd - Knead Bakery
 3rd - Farmer and the Cook
14. Favorite “bank”
 1st - Ojai Community Bank
 2nd - Wells Fargo Bank
 3rd - Chase
15. Favorite “barber”
 1st - Brenton Butler
 2nd - Buddy Wilds
 3rd - Duane Montgomery
16. Favorite “beauty salon”
 1st - Contempo Hair Salon
 2nd - A Secret Beauty
 3rd - Delilah Salon
17. Favorite “bicycle shop”
 1st - MOB Shop
 2nd - Bicycles of Ojai
18. Favorite “bookstore”
 1st - Bart’s Books
 2nd - Bookends Bookstore & Other Curiosities
 3rd - Twice Sold Tales Bookstore
19. Favorite “breakfast”
 1st - Bonnie Lu’s
 2nd - Ojai Café Emporium
 3rd - Eggs N Potatoes
20. Favorite “burger”
 1st - Jim and Rob’s Fresh Grill
 2nd - Ojai Beverage Company
 3rd - Jolly Kone
21. Favorite “burrito”
 1st - Jim & Rob’s Fresh Grill
 2nd - Ojai Tortilla House
 3rd - Casa De Lagos
22. Favorite “business services”
 1st - Ojai Business Center
 2nd - Attitude Adjustment
 3rd - Matilija Mailcall
23. Favorite “cabinetmaker”
 1st - Logan Gould’s Cabinetry
 2nd - Primarily Wood
 3rd - tie - Mahnken Cabinets & Aaron-James Furniture Makers
24. Favorite “camping supplies”
 1st - Ojai Surplus
 2nd - True Value
 3rd - Corner Market
25. Favorite “campgrounds”
 1st - Lake Casitas
 2nd - Wheeler Gorge
 3rd - Camp Comfort 
26. Favorite “casual dining”
 1st - Papa Lennon’s
 2nd - Boccali’s
 3rd – Sea Fresh Seafood
27. Favorite “chiropractor”
 1st - Caitlin Matthews
 2nd - Evergreen Wellness Center/Russell Kun
 3rd - Boshoff  Novak Chiropractic
28. Favorite “clothing store”
 1st - Rains Department Store
 2nd - Camouflage
 3rd - White Sparrow
29. Favorite “coffee shop”
 1st - Coffee Connection (M.O.)
 2nd - Ojai Coffee Roasting Company
 3rd - Java & Joe
30. Favorite “computer repair store”
 1st - Bit Vision
 2nd - Good Fix (formerly Ojai PC Pros)
 3rd - Moses Kravitz
31. Favorite “convenience store”
 1st - Joe’s Quick Stop
 2nd - Attitude Adjustment
 3rd - Ojai Chevron
32. Favorite “customer service”
 1st - Ace Hardware
 2nd - Bonnie Lu’s
 3rd - Ojai Community Bank
33. Favorite “daycare provider”
 1st - Noah’s Ark
 2nd - Montessori School of Ojai
 3rd - Holy Cross Preschool
34. Favorite “day spa”
 1st - The Day Spa of Ojai
 2nd - Bamboo Creek Spa
 3rd - Enhanced
35.  Favorite “deli”
 1st - Westridge Market
 2nd - Rainbow Bridge
 3rd - Marche Gourmet Delicatessen
36. Favorite “dentist”
 1st - Jan Komura
 2nd - Drew Eggebraten
 3rd - David L. Garber
37. Favorite “dessert/sweet shop”
 1st - Bliss Frozen Yogurt
 2nd - Ojai Ice Cream
 3rd - Knead Bakery
38. Favorite “designer/draftsman”
 1st - Kerry Miller Designer/Builder
 2nd - Pat Nolan Professional Drafting
 3rd - Chris Brandstrom
39. Favorite “dog groomer”
 1st - Four Paws Pet Grooming
 2nd - Ultimutt Pet Spa in Ojai
 3rd - Fluff & Puff
40. Favorite “donuts”
 1st - Oak View Donut Shop
 2nd - Donut Hole
 3rd - Ojai Donut Shoppe
41. Favorite place to have a “drink”
 1st - three-way tie - Deer Lodge - Azu -
Agave Maria’s
42. Favorite “electrical contractor”
 1st - Ojai Electric
 2nd - Max Reed Electrical
 3rd - Patrick Electric
43. Favorite local “elected official”
 1st - Steve Bennett
 2nd - Severo Lara
 3rd - Paul Blatz
44. Favorite “esthetician”
 1st - Summer McComas
 2nd - Mary Nelson
 3rd - Kelli Loughman
45. Favorite “facial”
 1st - Enhanced
 2nd - Ojai Valley Inn and Spa
 3rd - Body Essentials
46. Favorite “family practitioner”
 1st - James Halverson
 2nd - tie - Mary Evans & Mary Dial
47. Favorite “Ojai Certified Farmers’ Market vendor”
 1st - Tie - Friend’s Ranch & B.D Dautch - Earthtrine Farm
 3rd - Farmer and the Cook
48. Favorite “fence installer”
 1st - Watkins Fence Co.
 2nd - Bob’s Fence
 3rd - Tom Blaine’s Wood N Fence Co.
49. Favorite “financial adviser”
 1st - Victoria Breen/Derby & Derby
 2nd - Olga Jones/Ameriprise Financial
 3rd - Jeff McComas/Edward Jones
50. Favorite “fine dining” experience
 1st - Suzanne’s Cuisine
 2nd - Osteria Monte Grappa
 3rd - The Ojai Ranch House
51. Favorite “fitness facility”
 1st - Ojai Valley Athletic Club
 2nd - Balance Health Center
 3rd - Bryant St. Health & Fitness Center
52. Favorite “florist”
 1st - Angela’s Flowers
 2nd - Digs
 3rd - Curly Willow
53. Favorite “furniture store”
 1st - Down Home Furnishings
 2nd - Human Arts Gallery
 3rd - Kava Home
54. Favorite “garden center”
 1st - Flora Gardens
 2nd - Meiners Oak Nursery
 3rd - Australian Native Plants Nursery
55. Favorite “gas station”
 1st - Ojai Chevron
 2nd - Shell - Oak View
 3rd - Valero
56. Favorite “general contractor”
 1st - Kerry Miller
 2nd - Chad Carper
 3rd - Tenpenny Construction
57. Favorite “gift shop”
 1st - Fig Living
 2nd - Tavitt’s Ojai Valley Card & Gift
 3rd - Serendipity Toys
58. Favorite “graphic designer”
 1st - Alex Mooney
 2nd - Colleen McDougal
 3rd - Amy Schneider
59. Favorite “grocery store”
 1st - Westridge Market Midtown
 2nd - Westridge Market
 3rd - Rainbow Bridge
60. Favorite “hair stylist”
 1st - Jen Keeler
 2nd - Diane Jaffe
 3rd - Amber Home
61. Favorite “handyman”
 1st - Max Reed
 2nd - Steve Fox
 3rd - Ron Duran
62. Favorite “happy hour drink menu”
 1st - Jimmy’s Pub
 2nd - Ojai Beverage Company
 3rd - Sea Fresh Seafood
63. Favorite “happy hour food menu”
 1st – Sea Fresh Seafood
 2nd - Ojai Beverage Company
 3rd - Azu
64. Favorite “hardware store”
 1st - Meiners Oaks Ace Hardware
 2nd - True Value Hardware
 3rd - Ojai Lumber Co.
65. Favorite “health food store”
 1st - Rainbow Bridge
 2nd - Westridge Market
 3rd - Farmer & the Cook
66. Favorite “HVAC” company?
 1st - Fairweather Heating & Air
 2nd - tie - Ojai Mountain Aire & Forced Air Heating and Air
67. Favorite “hiking trail”
 1st - Cozy Dell
 2nd - Shelf Road
 3rd - Ventura River Preserve
68. Favorite “holistic practitioner”
 1st - Leslie Bouché
 2nd - Laurie Edgcomb
 3rd - Nathan Kaehler
69. Favorite “home decor store”
 1st - Fig Living
 2nd - Tie - Kava Home & Down Home Furnishings
70. Favorite “horseback riding”
 1st - Ojai Valley Trail Riding Company
 2nd - Ojai Trail Riders
 3rd - Western Trail Rides
71. Favorite “hotel”
 1st - Ojai Valley Inn & Spa
 2nd - Rancho Inn
 3rd - Emerald Iguana
72. Favorite “insurance agency”
 1st - Doug Crawford Insurance
 2nd - Farmer’s Insurance (Tami Bright)
 3rd - State Farm (Bob Daddi)
73. Favorite “Italian restaurant”
 1st - Tie - Papa Lennon’s Pizzeria &
Osteria Monte Grappa
 3rd - Boccali’s (Ojai)
74. Favorite “jewelry store/maker”
 1st - David Whipple Goldsmith
 2nd - Human Arts Gallery
 3rd - Jes Maharry
75. Favorite “kid-friendly restaurant”
 1st - Papa Lennon’s Pizzeria
 2nd - Ojai Pizza
 3rd - Boccali’s (Ojai)
76. Favorite “landscape company”
 1st - Lisa Phelps Irrigation & Landscaping
 2nd - Green Goddess Gardens
 3rd - Daley Landscape Inc.
77. Favorite local “law firm”
 1st - Waite, Jacobs & Atkinson
 2nd - Blatz Law Firm (Paul)
 3rd - Dave Neville Law
78. Favorite “laundromat”
 1st - Royal Cleaners
 2nd - Mira Monte Quick Clean
 3rd - Route 33 Laundry
79. Favorite “liquor store”
 1st - Ojai Beverage Company
 2nd - Attitude Adjustment Shoppe
 3rd - Pat’s Liquor
80. Favorite “live entertainment venue”
 1st - Libbey Bowl
 2nd - Deer Lodge
 3rd - Ojai Art Center Theater
81. Favorite “locksmith”
 1st - Martin’s Ojai Locksmith
 2nd - Norm’s Locksmith
82. Favorite place for “lunch”
 1st - Ojai Cafe Emporium
 2nd - Jim and Rob’s Fresh Grill
 3rd - Hip Vegan
83. Favorite “manicure/pedicure”
 1st - Kristy’s Nails
 2nd - A Secret Beauty
 3rd - Ojai Valley Inn & Spa
84. Favorite “margarita”
 1st - Agave Maria’s
 2nd - Jim & Rob’s Fresh Grill
 3rd - Casa De Lagos
85. Favorite “martial arts studio”
 1st - Ojai Valley Taekwondo Academy
 2nd - Living Aikido
86. Favorite “massage”
 1st - AA Relaxing Station
 2nd - Bamboo Creek Spa
 3rd - Ojai Valley Inn and Spa
87. Favorite “martini”
 1st - Azu
 2nd - Jimmy’s Pub
 3rd - The Vine
88. Favorite “Mexican restaurant”
 1st - Agave Maria’s
 2nd - Casa De Lago Ojai
 3rd - Jim & Rob’s Fresh Grill
89. Favorite home “mortgage” provider
 1st - Ojai Community Bank
 2nd - Heritage Financial
 3rd - Wells Fargo
90. Favorite “motel/bed & breakfast”
 1st - Ojai Rancho Inn
 2nd - Lavender Inn
 3rd - Ojai Retreat
91. Favorite local “musician”
 1st - Alan Thornhill
 2nd - Jimmy Calire
 3rd - Todd Hannigan
92. Favorite local “musical group”
 1st - Nordhoff Band and Choir
 2nd - Smitty West and Julija Zonic
 3rd - Household Gods
93. Favorite “nonprofit/citizens’ organization”
 1st - HELP of Ojai
 2nd - Humane Society of Ventura County
 3rd - Ojai Valley Land Conservancy
94. Favorite “nurse”
 1st - Mary Evans
 2nd - Mary Nelson
 3rd - Peggy Brown
95. Favorite “olive oil tasting room”
 1st - Ojai Olive Oil
 2nd - Ojai Tasting Room
 3rd - Carolina Gramm
96. Favorite “one-of-a-kind business”
 1st - Nan Tolbert Birthing Center
 2nd - Cardinelli Bros Music
 3rd - Shangri La Care Collective/Cooperative
97. Favorite “optometrist”
 1st - Bruce Brockman
 2nd - Robert J. Graham
 3rd - Roger H. Phelps / Ojai Eyes Optometry
98. Favorite “outdoor dining”
 1st - Papa Lennon’s
 2nd - Boccali’s (Ojai)
 3rd - The Ojai Ranch House
99. Favorite “park”
 1st - Libbey Park
 2nd - Soule Park
 3rd - Sarzotti Park
100. Favorite “painting company”
 1st - Ojai Custom Paint
 2nd - DeMoor’s Painting Inc.
 3rd - Riggs Custom Coating
101. Favorite “pet food/supply” store”
 1st - Wachters
 2nd - Rainbow Bridge Warehouse
 3rd - American Hay & Mercantile Co.
102. Favorite “pharmacy”
 1st - Ojai Rexall Drug
 2nd - Medical Arts Pharmacy
 3rd - The Medicine Shoppe
103. Favorite local commercial “photographer”
 1st - Logan Hall Photography
 2nd - Whitney Hartmann
 3rd - Kristine Ellison Photography
104. Favorite “physical therapist”
 1st - Ojai Valley Community Hospital
 2nd - Swanner Physical Therapy
 3rd - Balance Health Center
105. Favorite “pizza”
 1st - Ojai Pizza
 2nd - Papa Lennon’s
 3rd -  Boccali’s Pizza and Pasta
106. Favorite “place of worship”
 1st - Nature
 2nd - Ojai Presbyterian Church
 3rd - Meditation Mount
107. Favorite “plumbing/rooter company”
 1st - Frank’s Rooter & Plumbing Service Inc.
 2nd - Max Reed
 3rd - Silver Sewer & Drain Service
108. Favorite “pool service”
 1st - Ojai Pool Store
 2nd - tie - Matilija Pool & Flying Carp Pool Service
109. Favorite “private school”
 1st - Oak Grove School
 2nd - The Thacher School
 3rd - Ojai Valley School
110. Favorite “produce”
 1st - The Farmers Market
 2nd - Baldwin Road produce stand
 3rd - Westridge Market Midtown
111. Favorite “public school”
 1st - Nordhoff High School
 2nd - Meiners Oaks Elementary School
 3rd - Topa Topa Elementary School
112. Favorite “real estate agent”
 1st - Tonya Peralta
 2nd - Erik Wilde
 3rd - Donna Sallen
113. Favorite “real estate office”
 1st - Coldwell Banker Property Shoppe
 2nd - Keller Williams
 3rd - Ojai Valley Real Estate
114. Favorite “resort spa”
 1st - Ojai Valley Inn & Spa
 2nd - The Oaks at Ojai Spa
 3rd - Lavender Inn
115. Favorite “restaurant overall”
 1st - Suzanne’s Cuisine
 2nd - Papa Lennon’s Pizzeria
 3rd - Sea Fresh Seafood
116. Favorite “retirement community”
 1st - The Gables of Ojai
 2nd - The Manor of Ojai
 3rd - At Home in Ojai
117. Favorite “roofer”
 1st - Ventura Roofing Co.
 2nd - Aztec Roofing
 3rd - Awning Pro
118. Favorite “sandwich”
 1st - Jersey mikes
 2nd - Bonnie Lu’s
 3rd - Papa Lennon’s Pizzeria
119. Favorite place for “seafood”
 1st - Sea Fresh Seafood
 2nd - Sakura Ojai
 3rd - Ideal Seafood
120. Favorite “septic pumping service”
 1st - “Franks Rooter and Pumping
 2nd - Layne’s Sanitation
 3rd - Roto-Rooter Plumbing Drain Sewer & Septic Tank
121. Favorite “service organization”
 1st - Rotary Club of Ojai
 2nd - Ojai Lion’s Club
 3rd - Rotary Club of Ojai West
122. Favorite “sports bar”
 1st - JJ’s Sports Zone
 2nd - Jimmy’s Pub
 3rd - Ojai Pizza
123. Favorite local “sports coach”
 1st - Lance Wiggins
 2nd - Rick Goeden
 3rd - Justin Morris
124. Favorite “storage facility”
 1st - Bryant Circle Mini Storage
 2nd - Condor Self Storage of Ojai
 3rd - Ojai Self Storage & U-Haul
125. Favorite place for “sushi”
 1st - Sakura Ojai
 2nd - Hakane Sushi
 3rd - Sea Fresh Seafood
126. Favorite “transportation service”
 1st - Dutch’s Downtown Shuttle/Kool Buzz
 2nd - Ojai Trolley
 3rd - Topa Topa Taxi
127. Favorite “travel agency”
 1st - Topa Topa Travel
 2nd - Santa Barbara Travel’s Ojai Branch
128. Favorite “teacher”
 1st - Jim Bailey
 2nd - Greg Lepine
 3rd - Aimee Mendoza
129. Favorite “thrift/consignment” store
 1st - Treasures of Ojai
 2nd - The Lennon Closet
 3rd - New to You
130. Favorite “tree service”
 1st - Call Oscar Tree Service
 2nd - Sky High Tree Service
 3rd - Mark Crane’s Tree and Arborist Services
131. Favorite “upholsterer”
 1st - Plush Surroundings
 2nd - Topa’s Custom Upholstery
 3rd - Ray’s Upholstery
132. Favorite “vegetarian menu”
 1st - Hip Vegan
 2nd - The Farmer & the Cook
 3rd - Rainbow Bridge
133. Favorite “veterinary clinic”
 1st - Matilija Veterinary Hospital
 2nd - Ojai Village Veterinary
 3rd - Animal Clinic of Oak View
134. Favorite “volunteer”
 1st - David Mason
 2nd - Nancy Hill
 3rd - Tobi Jo Greene
135. Favorite “wine list”
 1st - Ojai Beverage Company
 2nd - Suzanne’s Cuisine
 3rd - The Ojai Ranch House
136. Favorite “wine tasting room”
 1st - Topa Mountain Winery
 2nd - Majestic Oak
 3rd - The Ojai Vineyard
137. Favorite “yoga studio/instructor”
 1st - Suza Francina
 2nd - Ingrid Bolting
 3rd - Kira Ryder
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Latest sports

Former Nordhoff kicker Cooper Garcia signs with UMass

021518 kb nhs el segundo garcia kick 4
Ojai Valley News photo by Ken Brown
Cooper Garcia boots an extra point in Nordhoff’s 2013 CIF Southern Section title victory over El Segundo.
Mike Miller, Ojai Valley News sports editor
When Cooper Garcia played for the Nordhoff High School (NHS) football program, he was known for his powerful right leg and clutch kicks. Those abilities recently earned the 2015 NHS graduate a full-ride scholarship to the University of Massachusetts (UMass) where he will kick for the Minutemen.
After his playing days at Nordhoff, Garcia enrolled at Ventura College and played for the Pirates for two seasons, using his redshirt year.
“It was a big step up in competition because it is a top-five program in the state, so it was a great experience for me,” said Garcia.
The journey to UMass wasn’t smooth for the former Ranger. Early in his college career he lost his kicking form and struggled to make the kicks he was accustomed to knocking through the uprights.
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Wildcats miss playoffs, but have hope

021518 tm girls bball 2970
Photo by Tom Moore
The Villanova defense surrounds Nordhoff’s Courtney Abraham during a game earlier this season.
Mike Miller, Ojai Valley News sports editor
The Villanova Preparatory School (VPS) girls’ basketball team will not advance to the postseason this year, but did take a major step forward in rebuilding its once-proud program.
Under new head coach Dan Mercer, the Lady Wildcats finished the season 5-15 overall and 3-11 in league play, a huge improvement over the previous season that saw the program go winless.
The Lady Wildcats ended the season with a hard-fought 35-32 victory on the road against Bishop Diego High School.
Madison Fabbian led the way with 23 points including a clutch three-pointer that gave VPS a six-point advantage with 45 seconds to go.
Mackenzie Hicks and Faith Cottam led the way in rebounding with 16 and 12, respectively.
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Ojai Rotary honors Callahan

021518 ps roatry saom 1116
Photo submitted
Greta Callahan, a standout student-athlete at Mira Monte Elementary School recently earned the Rotary Physical Education Project Student of the Month Award. For her efforts, Callahan was presented with a certificate and a check for $200. “Greta has consistently shown improvement in the development of her physical capabilities during P.E. classes,” said teacher Richard Byrd. “Further Greta fully participates in every activity with excitement and vigor. Thus I feel that her participation allows her to stand out as a positive role model for other students. Regardless of the task or activity I can witness Greta’s progression throughout this year.”

Thacher, Nordhoff girls advance to CIF

021518 tm nord thacher bball 5734
Photo by Tom Moore
The Nordhoff Rangers and Thacher Toads tip off a key Frontier League contest recently.
The Thacher School and Nordhoff High School girls’ varsity basketball teams split a pair of games last week but each advanced to the CIF-SS Division 5AA playoffs.
Trailing the Toads by one game at the start of the week, the Rangers moved into a tie for third in the Frontier League standings with a 29-17 victory Feb. 6.
Nordhoff was led by Grace Bergmann with 12 points, five rebounds, five blocks and six steals, and Courtney Abraham contributed seven points, seven rebounds and three steals.
Thacher, however, held the pair to a total of two points in a Feb. 9 rematch on the Upper Ojai campus, avenging the loss with a 29-21 win.
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Thacher finishes season with win over Villanova

021518 hr vps thch byssoc 2018 017
Ojai Valley News photo by Holly Roberts
The Thacher School and Villanova Preparatory School (VPS) soccer teams met on the VPS campus Feb. 7 for one of the final Frontier League games of the regular season. Thacher rolled to a 7-3 victory despite Villanova senior Kevin Pena (No. 10) scoring two goals for the Wildcats. Thacher ended its season with a record of 4-8 while Villanova finished 1-14. 

Front Nine finds putting magic

021518 ps front nine 021018 0016

Photo submitted
Front Nine golfers Jane Spiller, Susan Edge and Denise Brennecke enjoy a day on the Soule Park Golf Course. 
Greg Edge, Ojai Valley New contributor
Front Nine Golf Club members recently played a round of “Magic Putt,” during which they could declare a one-putt on a hole of their choice once on the green.
Coming in first, with a net score of 34, was Marilyn Bliss.
Second place went to Denise Brennecke with a net-35 total.
Third place involved a four-way tie between Susan Edge, Linda Nugent, Jane Spiller and Ronnie Rodrigues.
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Thacher turns up the heat

020818 carinyates thacher bball 55555 5
Photo by Carin Yates
Thacher freshman Skyler Nova (No. 14) leads a fast break with teammate junior Alika Williams hot on his heels. 
Mike Miller, Ojai Valley News sports editor
When the high school basketball playoffs roll around, one can safely bet The Thacher School boys’ basketball team is going to be right in the mix. For the last 11 seasons the Toads have extended their season by qualifying for the postseason. 
“We graduated last year’s starting five and 90 percent of our scoring and most had us finishing last in our league this year,” head coach Jason Carney said. “I have four freshmen on the team, which hasn't occurred since the 2003-04 season.”
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Lady Rangers claim league title

020818 kb nhs thacher w soccer 2 3 2018 12
Ojai Valley News photo by Ken Brown
Nordhoff’s Maria Ruvalcaba (No. 6) and Thacher’s Zanna Gulick-Stutz (No. 9) go after the ball in a key Frontier League game Feb. 3.
Mike Miller, Ojai Valley News sports editor
The Nordhoff High School (NHS) girls’ soccer team has enjoyed one of  its best seasons in recent memory this winter. Despite missing all of their preseason games due to the Thomas Fire, the Lady Rangers are currently 11-3 overall and 10-2 in the Frontier League, which is good enough for first place and the 2018 Frontier League title. 
“Our girls have really come together this season. Having consistency in terms of coaches and players has really made a big difference for us,” said head coach Matt Wilson. “We have a good core group of players and they all get along and that has made a big difference in their play,” he added.
Nordhoff made the short trip to The Thacher School Feb. 3 and pulled off a clutch 2-1 victory to take control of the Frontier League standings.
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Ranger grapplers make prelims

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Ojai Valley News photo by Ken Brown
Harrisson Gregory gets top position and looks to finish his opponent from Santa Barbara High.
Mike Miller, Ojai Valley News sports editor
Ten Nordhoff High School wrestlers took a big step forward Jan. 7 when they competed in the Tri-Valley League championships and placed high enough to advance to the CIF Southern Section prelims. 
“This is the best any Nordhoff team has ever done,” said head coach Paul Clementi. Highlighting the evening for the Rangers was the performance of senior Harrisson Gregory, who won the league title at 184 pounds.
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NHS hoopsters edge Toads

The girls’ basketball teams at Nordhoff High School (NHS)  and The Thacher School are battling down the stretch for Frontier League playoff spots.
The two teams faced off Jan. 6 at Nordhoff with NHS walking away with a 29-17 victory. 
After the game, both programs sat at 7-5 in Frontier League action with another game scheduled for Feb. 9 at 4:30 p.m. on the Thacher campus.
The two teams are fighting for the final playoff berth behind Grace Brethren (12-0) and Fillmore (10-2).
After winning seven in a row, Thacher dropped its last three games while NHS has made up ground in the standings by winning four of its last six games.

Despite rocky start, several area hoop squads are looking to finish the season strong

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Ojai Valley News photo by Holly Roberts
Nordhoff senior Ian Perkins splits two Villanova defenders and goes to the hoop in a non-league game.
Mike Miller, Ojai Valley News sports editor
Basketball teams in the Ojai Valley continue to recover from missed practice time, a lack of early-season conditioning and canceled non-league games, but ready or not, the postseason is right around the corner. 
At Nordhoff High School (NHS), the girls’ team is enjoying a solid season. Currently the Lady Rangers are 9-8 overall and 5-4 in league play. Head coach Ted Cotti and crew are in the mix for a playoff berth.
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Nordhoff girls’ soccer improves to 6-1 in league

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Ojai Valley News photo by Holly Roberts 
Nordhoff High School’s (NHS) girls soccer team is 6-1 in Frontier League play and tied for first place with The Thacher School. Thanks to the efforts of players such as freshman Elsa Callahan (center), the Lady Rangers have a shot at a league title this winter. Next up for NHS will be a Feb. 2 home game against Carpinteria at 6 p.m. and then a road match against Thacher Feb. 3 for a huge league game at 3 p.m. Nordhoff won the first match, 3-1, on Jan. 23. 

Rangers take a bite out of Sharks

020118 tm bergman westbrook bball 5332
Photo by Tom Moore
Grace Bergmann (No. 12) and Angel Westbrook (No. 41) crash the boards for Nordhoff.
Angel Westbrook, who waited until her senior year to try basketball, scored a career-high 10 points, and fellow senior Morgan Mays added seven points and blocked four shots to lead Nordhoff High School’s (NHS) girls’ varsity basketball team to a 36-20 win over Malibu Jan. 30 in Ojai.
The Lady Rangers improved to 5-4 in Frontier League competition and 9-8 overall with their timely win over Malibu.
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