City tweaks second-unit standards

Bill Warner, Ojai Valley News reporter
The city of Ojai's ordinance regulating second residential units has a few new tweaks, putting it into compliance with recent tweaks to the state mandates for such structures.
All of the four members present for the Nov. 15 meeting of the Ojai City Council voted in favor of changes in an urgency ordinance described by Ojai City Attorney Matthew Summers as a “quick and dirty” way of getting into line with new state statutes concerning parking requirements, garage setbacks, second stories and the maximum size of second units.
“It doesn't rearrange the (existing) ordinance broadly,” Summers said, “and it doesn't conform it to the new state terminology: 'accessory dwelling units.'” Rather, the Council's amending action would provide the bare minimum requirements for compliance with the standards indicated by Senate Bill 1069, approved Sept. 27 by Gov. Jerry Brown. 

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