Water District gushing over new well's potential

Bill Warner, Ojai Valley News reporter
The Ventura River Water District (VRWD) aims to have its newest water well online and pumping by summer 2017. Known as Well No. 7, it was drilled near the Ventura River, approximately 1,100 feet north of the District offices on Old Baldwin Road and 120 feet from Well No. 1, the VRWD's solitary producer at this stage of the drought.
“The well was drilled in August,” said VRWD General Manager Bert Rapp. “We're doing the development work on it right now. That consists first of cleaning cuttings off the walls of the hole. Then we'll do a pump test to determine what size of pump we'll need to put in.” Water from the new well will undergo chemical analysis, he said, “and by March of next year, we hope to be pumping.” 

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