Two council members urge Casitas to study state-water hookup

Bill Warner, Ojai Valley News reporter

A letter urging the Casitas Municipal Water District (CMWD) to participate in a study for connecting to the State Water Project will have to wait at least two more weeks for possible approval by the Ojai City Council. The authors of the letter have sent it independently, though.

The letter appeared as an agenda item at the Council’s Aug. 30 special session. It was approved for that meeting at the Council’s regular session of Aug. 23, at which the council members and Mayor Paul Blatz authorized Councilmen William Weirick and Randy Haney to work with city attorney Matthew Summers in drafting a letter articulating the city’s vital interest in the State Water Project, particularly in respect to the possibility of state water reducing the city of Ventura’s withdrawals from Lake Casitas.

But although a draft of the letter was ready Aug. 30, the Council balked when it came to a full endorsement.

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