Project's wisdom is set in stone

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Ojai Valley News photo by Bill Warner

Tile contractor Dennis Willey, of Red Canyon Tile and Stone, adds another insight to the Fortune Cookie Philosophy public art project at Weil Tennis Academy Aug. 26.

Bill Warner, Ojai Valley News reporter

Around half a dozen representatives of the city and the arts community gathered Aug. 26 for a preview of Fortune Cookie Philosophy, Ojai's newest public art project. Created by local artist Jeff Sanders, the work aims to put the benefits of peripatetic learning into action at Weil Tennis Academy and Preparatory School.

Fortune Cookie Philosophy features a series of tiles set into approximately 400 feet of new concrete walkway poured as part of an ongoing three-phase expansion project at Weil Academy. Placed at regular intervals along the walk, each tile contains a written message — or meditation — on what might best be called the philosophy of life. “Stop thinking about the road not taken, and pave over the one you did,” reads one. “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand,” states another. The artist cited “Land is always on the mind of a flying bird” as one of his personal favorites.

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