Steelhead get $30,000 grant to come back to Ojai

080916 2013 steelhead

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This steelhead was found in Stewart Canyon Creek near Libbey Park in 2013.

Bill Warner, Ojai Valley News reporter

Steelhead trout might find their way back into Stewart Canyon Creek thanks to a grant from the Southern California Wetlands Recovery Project (SCWRP). The $30,000 grant will go to Ojai's Concerned Resource and Environmental Workers (C.R.E.W.) to remove concrete barriers and culverts in the creek.

“We'll just be addressing the areas that have concrete in them,” said Todd Homer, administrative manager for C.R.E.W. “In some places, we'll actually trench existing concrete to create better flow.” Jackhammers would be used to remove many of the barriers completely, he said, while five existing culverts would be modified.

080916 img 1257

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Areas that create impediments to creek flow will be removed as part of the grant.

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