June Gloom: Fog harvesting might provide some help for area’s water shortage

062816 td casitas fog

Ojai Valley News photo by Tim Dewar

Fog catchers could be gaining in popularity as a means of capturing water, especially around Lake Casitas which sees more than its share of fog.

Bill Warner, Ojai Valley News reporter

In the drier parts of the world, fog harvesting has been around for centuries. The idea is fairly simple: a net or a sheet of permeable fabric is set up on a frame for the purpose of gleaning water from water vapor nearing the dew point, or fog. The condensed droplets then find their way into a small trough at the bottom of the sheet, thereby to be conducted into a receptacle.

“It's currently popular in a lot of Third World countries,” said Dave Williams, a sales representative with expertise in technological projects for Aqua Flo Inc. “It's also being used in Canada and in the San Francisco Bay area.”

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