Supervisors’ study session for the birds

120315 condorhamp3

Photo courtesy of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The dots show locations where condors have been noted at an oil and gas facility in Upper Ojai.

Kimberly Rivers, Ojai Valley News correspondent

Ventura County Supervisors will take the first step in addressing legacy land use permits with no renewal dates Dec. 15 when they study up on the California condor. County Supervisor Steve Bennett requested a study session on potential impacts of oil and gas operations on the endangered bird.

“This is the first step in changing (our procedures) for dealing with legacy Conditional Use Permits (C.U.P.),” said Bennett. He pointed out these old C.U.P.s do not include current state and federal protections for the condors, because they were approved prior to the bird being listed as endangered. The permits also were granted without expiration dates, so they do not come up for review.

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