Accidents Down As Citations Increase

By Sondra Murphy

Ojai Police Capt. Chris Dunn presented an update on traffic collisions during Tuesday’s Ojai City Council meeting. After submitting his annual report in February, council members requested a breakdown and analysis of traffic collisions and citations. “Due to the relatively low speeds within the city of Ojai, serious injury and fatal accidents are relatively rare,” the new report reads.  Four fatal accidents occurred in the city between 2006 and 2008. The primary cause of two of those accidents was attributed to “inattention” and the cause of one is still uncertain. The fourth fatality is listed as being caused by unsafe speed and suspicion of DUI. No traffic fatalities were reported from 2002 to 2005. Total accidents reduced from 148 in 2007 to 130 in 2008. “The statistical data used for this comparison was obtained from the preliminary data compiled by Sheriff’s Crime Analysis and the Ojai Police Station’s Traffic Office,” the report reads. “While traffic collisions in February 2009 doubled

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