Meiners Oaks farm growing organic produce for local public schools

07282015 AW poco farms ousd
Students get their hands dirty with help from volunteers at Poco Farm last week. The Meiners Oaks farm is providing produce for Ojai public schools for the Harvest of the Month program. (Ojai Valley News photo by Ashley Wilson)

Misty Volaski, Ojai Valley News editor
Organic, locally grown produce, delivered to schools by bicycle — what could be more "Ojai" than that?
A new partnership between the Ojai Unified School District (OUSD), Food for Thought and Poco Farm will utilize crops grown at the farm in Ojai's public school cafeterias. Though the Meiners Oaks farm isn't large enough to provide all the produce the OUSD requires each day, it will be the primary source of produce for the Harvest of the Month program, which helps students broaden their palates by taste-testing a new fruit or vegetable each month.

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