City Council to assess feasibility of Ventura Street housing project

Tiobe Barron, Ojai Valley News correspondent
There is a shortage of affordable housing in Ojai, and the Affordable Housing Committee, chaired by locals Judy Murphy and Bill Miley, is trying to do something about it. Murphy and Miley approached Ojai City Council Tuesday with a proposal to collaborate with Santa Barbara nonprofit group, People’s Self-help Housing, to develop an affordable housing project on one of two city-owned parcels on Ventura Street. While no concept has been developed yet, Murphy and Miley hope to assess both the Council’s commitment to affordable housing and the feasibility of a project on either of these lots.
“As you well know we have been putting the pieces of this proposal together over the past several years. Like a jigsaw puzzle, all of the pieces add to the whole, with some more important than others, but all of them are needed.

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