Ojai woman keeps finding love notes from late husband

07022015 Overton and Florence DeRyk
Overton and Florence were “passionately in love,” said their granddaughter, Janyce Pink. (photo courtesy of Janyce Pink)

Maria Saint, Ojai Valley News correspondent
Once upon a time … That's how the fairy tales begin, right? If you ask Janyce Pink, her grandparents' marriage was a fairy tale.
“They've been so much in love. It's like a romantic, fairy tale story, like 'The Notebook,' you know,” she gushed about her grandmother and late grandfather.
Longtime Ojai residents Florence and Overton DeRyk were married for more than 40 years.
The two met at a courthouse in Van Nuys, where Florence was a typist-secretary and Overton was a detective with the Los Angeles Police Department.
They each had two children from a previous marriage, and merged their families four decades ago. Once Overton retired, the couple moved to Ojai.
Florence was an artist who loved to garden, while Overton became a carpenter. He built the first home they lived in, and then built another home — this one a two-story, cottage-style house — where Florence still lives.
Despite the fact that he passed away five years ago, Overton continues to prove his love for his wife even to this day.

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