Ventura lawsuit names all Ojai Valley water pumpers

Tim Dewar, Ojai Valley News publisher
What started as a battle over water use issues in the Ventura River has just taken a turn that could impact every water user in the Ojai Valley.
The Santa Barbara Channelkeeper (SBC), a nonprofit corporation which acts as a watchdog for the Santa Barbara Channel and its tributaries, filed a lawsuit Sept. 19, 2014 in the state superior court’s San Francisco Division, against the city of Ventura.
The suit seeks to declare that Ventura’s pumping and diversion of water from a portion of the Ventura River from April through October is excessive and violates Article X, Sec. 2 of the California Constitution.
Not wanting to face the suit by itself, the city of Ventura filed a cross complaint late last week naming as a cross defendant every individual and entity that takes water from the Ventura River Watershed.

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