Housing will dominate Tuesday's council meeting

Housing, in several different forms, will be on the agenda for action during the May 26 Ojai City Council meeting.
The meeting will include discussions about potentially establishing a fine for operating a transient (vacation) rental in a residential area. Staff has proposed that fee, if adopted, be set at $500.
The Council will also discuss potential changes to the guidelines for the city’s Second Unit Compliance Program. The oft-discussed — but seldom used — program seeks to identify parcels with a second residential housing unit that were built after 1947 without a permit, and provide a means to make them legal.
Both the Building Appeals Board and the Planning Commission recommended making changes to the guidelines because of the minimal participation the program had garnered. Among the more substantive changes recommended are the inclusion of garage conversions that previously were excluded from the program and increasing the maximum allowable size of a unit from 640 square feet to 1,200 square feet.

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