Ojai City Watch 3/28/09

FROM: Sgt. Joe Evans

Good morning Watchers. The past two weeks have been great. Our calls for suspicious vehicles and persons are up and our crimes are down. Wow just like we planned. Even those vehicle burglars have taken a break for now. Speaking of that, new signs have been posted at our local trail heads warning people not to leave items in their cars while hiking. These sign are very blunt and to the point. We hope this helps decrease the number of crimes in those areas. Well summer is on the way and with it comes vacations. It's the time of year when we might want some extra security for our home while we area out of town. Our Volunteers in Policing Program (V.I.P.) offers home vacation checks thru City Watch to anyone living in the Ojai Valley. While you are out of town your V.I.P.'s will come to your home and walk around the exterior looking for signs of crime or other problems. If they find a problem, deputies will be called and the investigation begins. This service is free and the

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