Weather puts Front Nine golf play on hold

Greg Edge, Ojai Valley News contributor
Thursday, play was halted for the Soule Park Ladies Front Nine League by a hazard far more familiar to the swamps of Florida than here in the Ojai Valley. About midway through the competition, lightning and putt-jarring thunder descended from the Topa Topa mountains.

Only five players completed their rounds. Many of the Front Nine members were left huddling under seldom-used umbrellas while testing their shoes' waterproof guarantees for the first time this year.  
All players left the course safely and tournament play will resume May 14 with last week's prizes held over. The spring session ends May 21 and after a month-long break, Front Nine's eight-week summer session will begin. The official start of their summer session will be Thursday, June 25. Anyone interested in more information on the club may e-mail Mitnee Duque at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 646-6788.
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