Ojai Valley Tennis Turnstile: Weil Academy students will represent Ojai in 115th tournament

Rick Thompson, Ojai Valley News contributor
• The Weil Academy will be fully committed to this year's 115th Ojai Tennis Tournament. Scout Mathews will be one of the seeded players competing in girls’ 14-and-under division. Mathews, 13, has been training in Ojai since she was 9. Additionally, Alyssa Walters, who recently moved from Bellingham, Wash. to train at the academy, will also play in the girls ‘14-and-under division.
Maxime Cressy, 17, moved from France and is training at the Weil Academy. He will be playing for UCLA next season on an athletic scholarship and hopes to make some noise in this year’s tournament. Isaiah Volk from Oak Park is ranked in the top 25 in Southern California in the 18-year-old division. Cressy and Volk will both play in the men's open division this year.

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