Casitas’ female bald eagle missing

04072015 injured eagle1
Photographer John Hannah snapped several shots of the injured female bald eagle, which has not been seen since April 1. Eagle watchers think she was attacked by a female from Catalina Island.
(Photo by John Hannah)

Kimberly Rivers, Ojai Valley News correspondent

The female bald eagle who has been part of the nesting pair at Lake Casitas is injured and missing. Another female is apparently staking claim to both her mate and her nest, and is believed to have killed two chicks.
The events unfolding are distressing to a group of Ojai Valley residents who have been watching, photographing and documenting the pair of bald eagles nesting at the lake since 2010. That mating pair was the first documented in Ventura County in nearly 100 years. And they were wild, not captive bred, and not tagged.

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