Bennett, Kaplan At Odds Over MAC

By Sondra Murphy

Since Jerry Kaplan was elected to the Ojai Valley Municipal Advisory Council in November, he has been very aware of the people who voted for him. All 5,485 of them. Kaplan brings documents outlining his campaign promises and vision to each OVMAC meeting and has worked with the process of getting items placed on the agenda. The process requires a second to his motion, plus a majority vote to place it on an upcoming agenda.Having finally gotten the OVMAC mission placed on the March 16 agenda, Kaplan circulated his list of priority items during last week’s meeting. On his list, Kaplan states, “My extensive research indicates that over the 35 years that the OVMAC has been in existence, there has been a dramatic shift in the way the MAC operates.”After citing the MAC is intended to address public health, safety, welfare, public works, land use, planning, significant environmental reports, as well as a forum through which to identify needs and goals and make

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