Theater repairs unearth history: Construction crews finding hints of Ojai's past

02102015 BW playhouse Artifact 1
Horseshoes, bottles and buckets of  lard — once old bits of refuse, they’re a glimpse into Ojai’s recent past.(Ojai Valley News photo by Bill Warner)

Bill Warner, Ojai Valley News reporter
What lies beneath the Ojai Playhouse? Plenty, as it turns out.
There's an old Purex jug and a coffee can and a bucket once brimming with lard. There are several aged jars and bottles, too, their glass gone milky with the years. A duo of rusty horseshoes has also been unearthed, along with the fragment of a third. One horseshoe even has a couple of nails still in place. And there is the rusty semblance of what might once have been a wall-mounted hitch for horses, likewise yielding to the combined effects of oxygen and time.

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