Archive Project - OVN 130 years

Dear Reader,
The only consistent recorded history of our town is from 130 years of newspaper archives -- The Ojai/Ojai Valley News -- which have not exisited in digital, searchable form. The Ojai Valley News shares digital copies back to 2012 with subscribers, and owns print copies back to 1945. The Ojai Valley Museum has (many tattered) print pages.
The Ojai Valley News has partnered with the Ventura County Library, who owns aged, rapidly degrading micro-film for all 130 years. The Ojai Valley News plans to offer searchable pdfs to all historical issues to subscribers to our website and to the Library. Research will be so much easier for historians, descendants and interested members of our community. 
The Ojai Valley News Archive Project has begun, in conjunction with the city's 100th year events, and in partnership with the Ventura County Library. We have digitized and stored 1,000 newspaper editions so far, and need help to finish this important historical project. 
Read "Centennial City" by Craig Walker in the Summer Ojai Magazine. 
Local historians and I are very excited about the project, but I need some help with funding to complete the project. The costs involve transferring the data, building and implementation of an application on our website. There are 130 rolls of film to digitize each, taking about 5 hours each, and hiring a developer to build the application to deliver it to our website.
We have been given volunteer time, and we have invested in labor time, but to finish the project we need financial help in the amount of $10,000.
Can you help us reach our goal?
Thank you for supporting local journalism and our community's history,
Laura Rearwin Ward, publisher