Election 2020

Meiners Oaks Water District candidate: Christian Oakland

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Photo by Christian Oakland
Christian Oakland

Meiners Oaks Water District has served its community and properties of the unincorporated portion of Ventura County called Meiners Oaks for over the past 70 years. Meiners Oaks Water District serves approximately 4,200 people through 1,280 connections and 19 miles pipelines, including domestic, commercial, and agricultural customers. It achieves this with four active wells, just over 1 million gallons of storage, and two booster stations to supply water to customers at higher elevations.
The district delivers an average of 2.64-acre feet of water per day to its customers, which is equal to 862,005 gallons, or 205.2 gallons per customer. In the summer months, that number can reach up to 5.56-acre feet per day, or 1,812,002 gallons.