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Q&A with Smoky Knights performing May 3 at Deer Lodge

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Smoky Nights
Be there or be square: Smoky Knights at Deer Lodge, 2261 Maricopa Hwy., Meiners Oaks, Friday (May 3), 10 p.m. Cost: Free. Call: 646-4256.
Bill Locey, Ojai Valley News Rock Talk columnist
It seems like everyone in El Lay is either writing a screenplay, playing in a band, getting towed or moving to Ventura County where they’re certain to remark that the traffic isn’t so bad up here. Doing some of that — mostly the band stuff — the Smoky Knights will be driving north and returning to their 805 happy place — the Deer Lodge in Meiners Oaks, where they have a Friday Night (May 3) gig.

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