Astrology - Risa D'Angeles

Esoteric astrology as news for the week of May 8 through 14:

Thursday, was Wesak, the Buddha Full moon festival. We spend the following days after Wesak integrating the Buddha’s blessing and watering our gardens with Wesak waters. The Wesak festival occured during the night at 17.20 degrees Taurus. When  the Buddha appears he is accompanied by the Forces of Enlightenment which strengthen the will and wisdom of humanity. During Taurus, with assistance from the Forces of Enlightenment, directed by the Buddha, we are to establish the Art of Living, Right Education, Right Thinking, Right Human Relations and learn to make Right Choices. Sunday is Mother’s Day, honoring all mothers (fathers who are also mothers), the nurturing principle within all of humanity. With Capricorn moon, Mother’s Day is a practical day. As mothers impart love and intelligence to their children, so does (Mother) Earth attempt to teach us. We remember the 4th Commandment (Aries Law) to “Honor thy Mother & Father.” Many have forgotten this commandment (and the other nine given to humanity through Moses at the beginning of the Aries Age). As parents age they look to their children for the love, care, guidance and companionship. Parent/child positions change. On this Capricorn day we convey (Mercury/Jupiter) love, gratitude and respect (Capricorn) to our mothers. 

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