Astrology - Risa D'Angeles

Esoteric astrology as news for week April 10 – 16:

Prayers to recite in this time of world-wide crisis, creating a united world appeal. In the past century, around WW2, times of turmoil and crisis, humanity was given three world prayers/meditations called the Three Great Invocations (following the “Our Father” given in Atlantean times), to be used in the midst of strife, struggle and isolation. They are a synthesis of prayer, meditation and affirmation. Invocation means "calling down," "calling forth," "calling into,” a request, demand & appeal to higher energies and intelligences to intercede, guide, help and direct humanity. These are recited by the New Group of World Servers daily. It is suggested, when reciting, to visualize each sentence, using the creative imagination. Thus forming together the thought-form of solution to our present world problems. Two of the Invocations are below. I will post the 3rd Invocation next week. Note regarding words: the word “men” is Sanskrit for the “thinking ones.” The word “Christ” is a “job description for the Pisces/Aquarius World Teacher.

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