Astrology - Risa D'Angeles

Esoteric astrology as news for the week of April 26 through May 2:

Aries is always the first sign of the new spiritual year. It is the seed pushing forth the first two leaves (they look like ram's horns, the Aries sign) emerging from the earth during spring. Aries (sign, person, time), the first sign of the zodiac, holds the force of creation. However, Aries realizes that it is only with patience and time that the creative force can come into practical focus and substance. Aries fire is unable to complete tasks and projects. Completion is not the task of Aries. That is the task of Taurus. Aries hands the initiating fiery ideas from the mind of God to Taurus for anchoring, application and completion. And so here we are in Taurus for a month. 
Taurus is the sign of desire. It is also the sign of aspiration. Taurus lives within slow time. Taurus ponders things deeply before coming to any final decisions. During Taurus it’s good to understand the planetary frequencies available and influencing us each day. 
Sunday — the sun guiding us, illuminating our mind to look towards the week ahead.  
Monday’s moon helps us nurture daily home life. In the olden times, Monday was wash day. 
Tuesday’s Mars helps to ensure that our actions and power are expressed with kindness, wisdom and in a rhythmic regulatory way, creating goodwill. 
Mercury, the messenger, rules Wednesday. Providing us with discernment and discrimination as to what is right, what is not right to think and do.
Thursday is Jupiter’s day — offering the qualities of generosity, expansion, love and joy — soul qualities.
Friday, Venus guides us into experiences of beauty and right relations. Venus unifies all separations. 
Saturday, Saturn’s day — helping us learn more, clarify all matters, complete our past week, creating new structure for the days and weeks ahead. 
Each day a planet guards and guides us. Each day is therefore different. These are subtle knowings. Now we all know.

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