Esoteric astrology as news for the week of April 12 through 18:

We have eventful and complex weeks ahead. Jupiter turned stationary retrograde Wednesday. Sunday, April 14, is Palm Sunday, which begins Holy Week (also called Passion Week). All leading up to Good Friday (and second full moon during Aries), Holy Saturday (the sun enters Taurus) and Easter Sunday, April 21, the Resurrection Festival.
Jupiter, planet of love/wisdom, expansion, beneficence, becomes stationary retrograde this week. Jupiter retrogrades at 24 degrees Sagittarius back to 14 degrees Sag (Aug. 11, when Uranus then retrogrades). Where are these degrees (14 through 24 degrees Sag) in everyone’s chart? Everyone needs their own astrology chart. Without it, we “only see life through a glass darkly.”
When planets are retrograde humanity enters a state of inward focus, assessment and review. The sign and house the retrograde moves through determine what area of life is affected for each of us. With Jupiter in Sagittarius, we assess our goals and the power we have to achieve those goals. We learn how to direct thought power and love/wisdom into our world. Jupiter in Sagittarius creates the “one-pointed, mentally focused disciple.” Wisdom becomes practical. We review our aspirations, our intellectual growth, our horizons, and what inspires us. Jupiter is beneficent, good, always kind. Jupiter offers us optimism, is broad-minded, happy, philosophical, charitable, generous and welcoming. Jupiter helps us cultivate the goodness of our soul.
Sunday is Palm Sunday, the triumphal entry of Jesus (overshadowed by the Christ) into Jerusalem (city of peace). Palms (symbols of peace, victory and respect) waved in procession heralded the Christ as the promised Messiah. Lent (preparations) ends, and Holy Week begins. 
The Christ enacted major initiations (transformations that expand our ability to absorb light) during Holy Week, which ended in a trial, a crucifixion and a resurrection. This deep psychological theme of restoration is offered to humanity each year, living as we are on planet Earth, one of the three planets of suffering. Holy Week is a drama of cosmic proportion played out for humanity’s redemption.

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