Esoteric astrology as news for the week of April 5 through 11:

The new moon occurs early morning Friday, April 5, at 15 degrees Aries. New moon times are festival times of the new initiating light. As the pale crescent moon appears in the sky, the New Group of World Servers (NGWS), men and women of goodwill, gather together to distribute the cosmic light to humanity. The NGWS ponder upon and discuss how the Plan of Betterment and Goodwill can manifest in the world. 
Aries, with its task of initiating “all things new,” is like a searchlight seeking to anchor new rhythms and new archetypes into the world. During the month of Aries, the Will-to-Good and the Forces of Restoration stream into the Earth. When the Will-to-Good enters the Earth, it becomes goodwill, right relations and the truth, happiness and peace humanity seeks. 
There is an ancient esoteric equation given to the NGWS, “Intentions for Goodwill become Right Human Relations which then establish the first processes of Peace in the world.” And so, at this spring new moon of the new spiritual year, the NGWS strengthen the endeavors of all creating goodwill in the world. 
The NGWS, often unrecognized, are the ones who meet world need, are devoted to enriching the quality of life and the welfare of all living beings. They understand planetary and cosmic relationships and the power of goodwill to bring about real change. Every seven years the Festival of the NGWS is celebrated. It happens at winter solstice of this year, 2019. During this Aries new moon festival, we begin our preparations. 

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