Esoteric astrology as news for the week March 29 through April 4:

Mercury turned direct Thursday in the early morning at 16 degrees Pisces. Mercury remains in its retrograde shadow until April 17. We therefore move forward cautiously with plans, communications, and agendas until that time. Being careful of what we think, what we say, our tone, our tongue and our intentions. In Aries, Mercury is highlighted. It’s the soul ruler of Aries. Usually Aries is thought of as a high risk, one who challenges the status quo. Often when we are around Aries we feel a bit in jeopardy, in peril. What hazard will they offer us, what danger, what gamble?
Sometimes we feel imperiled by Aries actions. They are always wanting to be first, no matter the danger. Their hands shoot up in classrooms when a question is asked. They may not know the answer, but they were the first to respond. Red is their color; risk, their way of life. This is the Mars-oriented Aries. The one building the personality, filled with desires, longings, cravings and yearnings. But there is another deeper level to Aries. 
After many lifetimes, the spirited energy of Mars shifts into the more harmonious energy of Mercury. Instead of putting one’s physical body at risk, the subtler Mercury-ruled Aries begins to study, gather knowledge, read, analyze, inquire, examine and search for life’s deeper meanings. This is the work of Mercury which builds a ladder or Rainbow Bridge from the personality to the studious virtues of the soul. It is here also where one’s desires become aspirations to serve. One looks around, quite like a searchlight, seeking to know how they can be used in service and for divine expression. The horoscope is a blueprint of our ever-changing selves. In our many lifetimes, patterns, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors shift. We change our destiny. 

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