Astrology - Risa D'Angeles

Esoteric astrology as news for the week of March 15 through March 21:

Multiple festivals occur simultaneously this coming week. Spring Equinox, International Astrology Day and the Aries Solar Festival (at the full moon) are Wednesday, March 20. Persian New Year, Holi (Indian spring festival) and Purim (Jewish Festival) are Thursday, March 21.
Spring Equinox (sun at the equator, zero degrees Aries) begins the new spiritual and solar year. In Aries, “all things new” begin. New life emerges in our Northern Hemisphere. Aries is the “fire of the mind,” bringing forth new ideas that become new ideals within humanity. Aries is “electric fire,” the fire in lightning storms usually experienced in the spring.
During Spring Equinox the Solar Angel streams into the Earth a fresh impulse (the plan for the coming year). And at the full moon during Aries, the Forces of Restoration and the Spirit of Resurrection flow into the Earth (the Mother). These forces offer humanity a new “livingness” by restoring our moral, ethical and psychological health. Their “presence” supports the new Aquarian culture and civilization and the new Spiritual Materialism (Sharing Society) to emerge. They offer a new hope and vision for the new world to unfold. 
Archangel Raphael (the Christian name for Mercury or Hermes), the Healing Angel, begins to preside over the Earth at the equinox, bringing healing and protection. He carries the Caduceus, staff of Mercury. It is written that each evening, Raphael gathers up all of humanity’s requests for healing, carrying them to heaven where he presents them before the throne of God. Here they are transformed into fragrant blossoms, which are then borne down to Earth by Raphael's (Mercury's) serving angels. The flowers, scattered about where there is pain and sorrow, bring solace, care, beauty and comfort to those in need. 

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