Astrology - Risa D'Angeles

Esoteric astrology as news for the week of March 1 through 7:

We are preparing this week, in Pisces (last sign of the zodiac containing all the 11 previous signs), for the first Mercury retrograde of 2019; Mardi Gras (festival); Ash Wednesday (ashes on the forehead); and for Lent, 40 days and nights of purification before spring begins. It’s a busy week. 
Friday, Venus enters Aquarius impressing us with knowledge, science, art, astrology and technology needed to create the new Aquarian Era, which includes the Aquarian Laws and Principles. Saturday the moon joins Venus in this endeavor. 
Tuesday is the beads and bacchanal festival of Mardi Gras. Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, when Lent (time of purification) begins. Pisces is a perfect time for this. After Pisces we begin a new year in Aries. 
On Ash Wednesday in the Catholic Church there is a special ritual of remembering enacted. The priest places ashes (made from palms given out last Palm Sunday, gathered each year and burned) in the sign of the cross on the forehead of parishioners while saying the words, “From dust thou art and unto dust thou shalt return.” 
These words remind the personality (physical body, emotions, lower mind), that it is a temporary vehicle, made of the matter of the Earth (and not a life principle). During Lent we purify the personality, preparing for Easter (Resurrection Festival, new life) and the three spring festivals (Aries, Taurus/Wesak and Gemini solar festivals).  
Our actions during Lent imitate retrograde Mars and Mercury (29 degrees Pisces). We advance interiorly in quiet reflection, contemplation, study and wisdom, which purify and enable us to participate more fully in the upcoming solar festivals, setting the template for the rest of our year. Leading to the Festival of the New Group of World Servers, at winter solstice 2019. 

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