Esoteric astrology as news for the week of Feb. 22 through Feb. 28:

Chiron (a small solar system, an asteroid, between Saturn and Uranus) has left Pisces and entered Aries (all things new). Chiron remains in Aries until February 2027. Chiron was a Greek centaur, a wise, kind and noble one. He was wounded and unable to heal himself. 
In our astrology charts, the symbol of Chiron represents our wound — where we may feel broken, inadequate, shamed and rejected. Chiron, a Greek centaur —half godlike human/half horse — was a wise, just and noble healer, astrologer, teacher, doctor and alchemist. Interestingly, after Chiron was struck by a poisoned arrow, he was unable to cure himself. Thus, the name “Wounded Healer” was applied. 
Chiron’s symbol in our charts signifies where we hurt the most, and what we seek to heal. It is where we can feel confused, left out, injured. It is our most basic of wounds. Often it is a family wound. And, in our carrying this wound, the hope is that one of us will heal the wound forever. Over lifetimes we each have this task. 
Chiron entering Aries begins a new cycle. Chiron in Aries says, “Let’s take a new look at this wound, become aware of what it is, its origin and source. And find a way to heal it.” Chiron affects everyone including countries and nations. 
Chiron in Aries calls us to be of courage, take action, be pioneers, stand up for ourselves, creating a new story of ourselves. The wound builds in us new awareness of compassion and wisdom.  On Chiron’s work we can say, “Life continues to break our hearts. Till our hearts are able to remain open.” — Rumi

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