Astrology - Risa D'Angeles

Esoteric astrology as news for the week of Feb. 15 through Feb. 22:

We are in our last week of Aquarius, sign of humanity itself, of community, of freedom and awakening to the beauty of future visions, group life and service to the world. We have a busy week. Thursday was Valentine’s Day, reminding us always, to “be of love (a little) more careful than of everything” (e.e. cummings). Aquarius, in its last days (before the sun enters Pisces), calls us to awaken — our next step forward. “In Aquarius, humanity awakens to the beauty of community and group life, and to offer our gifts, abilities and talents in service to humanity.” Aquarius is the sign of service. And Pisces is the sign of “saving the world.”
Monday is Presidents’ Day (Lincoln and Washington, both disciples) as the sun enters Pisces. Tuesday is the full moon, the Pisces Solar Festival and the Chinese Lantern Festival, ending the Chinese and Tibetan new year celebrations. The Lantern Festival originated in the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 25), where it celebrated the return of peace. Households would light candles and lanterns for peace. Later, Emperor Ming heard of monks lighting candles to honor the Buddha. Emperor Ming ordered the palace, temples and citizens to light candles and hang lanterns. 
During the Lantern Festival, children walked together at night to visit holy temples. They carried paper lanterns and solved riddles written on the lanterns. Lanterns, often red for prosperity and good fortune, also symbolize releasing the past and embracing the future. In China activities include moon gazing, lion and dragon dances, drumming and eating sweet rice dumplings. The Lantern Festival celebrates family wholeness and unity and ancient spiritual traditions. Some call the Lantern Festival the “true” Chinese Valentine’s Day. During the Ming Dynasty, the Lantern Festival lasted an entire month. 

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