Astrology - Risa D'Angeles

Esoteric astrology as news for the week of Jan. 18 through Jan. 24:

We are in our last days of Capricorn sun. On Sunday, the sun enters Aquarius and nine hours later, we have the Aquarius solar festival full moon lunar eclipse. Something in form and matter, having completed its work, falls away. It’s no longer useful to us. Something new and vital takes its place. Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. He was a Capricorn with the famous Capricorn words, “I have been to the mountaintop!” Capricorn, enigmatic and mysterious, sign of the mountaintop experience where the crocodile becomes the goat becomes the unicorn “lost in the Light Supernal.” Capricorn marks the gradual transformation from the “dark time” to the “light time of the year.” Capricorn’s new rays of the sun represent the “rising of the spirit” for humanity. At dawn special rays bestow their light upon Earth’s kingdoms. If we could see the dawn’s light etherically, we would see celestial beings (devas) flowing into the Earth, ministering to humanity and the kingdoms. The same occurs at sunset. These beings help us build clear, focused, intelligent minds. When we communicate with them, veils that have settled all around us, obscuring our essential divine selves, loosen and fall away. Ancient teachers suggest that at dawn and dusk we visualize within our hearts an orange five-pointed star surrounded by deep indigo blue. It is the soul star, the star of Bethlehem that guided the Three Kings. We learn of these things in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn’s symbol represents the face of the ibex and body of the crocodile (makara in Sanskrit). Capricorn’s symbol is also (almost) the signature of God. 

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