Esoteric astrology as news for the week of Nov. 23 through Nov. 29:

Sun entered Sagittarius Thursday, which was also Thanksgiving and a full moon. When Mercury retrograde occurs during our season of Thanksgiving we must make an extra effort to have gratitude and to be thankful. 
How was Thanksgiving Day for everyone? The day was moon v/c with Mercury retrograde and a full moon. Did the day feel like a misadventure? With retrogrades and v/c we forget things, feel a bit exhausted, people may not be focused, everything is internal. With travel, people, thinking, cooking, everything can be upside down, inside out. It’s a ‘Heyoka’ sort of time, magical realism sort of time.
We are to rest during v/c days. During retrogrades we re-trace our steps, doing things over and over, needing to check and double-check everything. Time is different, the rules seem changed, mishaps occur, one feels to be on a roller coaster of miscommunication and mishaps. Couple these with fiery Sagittarius full moon emotions and Thanksgiving may feel more like a calamitous journey rather than a festive day with friends and family. 
When we know what is occurring in the heavens, influencing us on Earth, we learn how to work with the energies, not against them, not reacting or repressing, but “working with.” Mercury retrograde, full moon void of course energies are potent influences but especially during times when families gather sometimes with over-wrought emotional family interactions, heated discussions and debates. We make a rule — no politics discussed. Fill the day with calming, chats, bells. 
This Thanksgiving weekend we create something madly different. We align with the frequencies of Mercury (Ray 4 – harmony emerging from conflict and chaos; planetary note of Mercury is E; Hebrew letter Beth; Tarot the Magus and strength; yellow like the sun) and Sagittarius (G#; Hebrew letter Gimel, Tarot High Priestess and temperance; rose/blue). These energies last well into the weekend.

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