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Esoteric astrology as news for the week of Nov. 16-Nov. 22

As always, be careful during Mercury retrograde
Esoteric astrology as news for the week of Nov. 16 through 22:
As Venus becomes stationary direct, Friday (Nov. 16), Mercury becomes stationary retrograde. An interesting intersection of planetary movements. Although soon in direct motion, Venus will remain in her retrograde shadow until December 18. With Venus slowly moving forward, our newly assessed values and how to use resources more effectively become apparent. We are careful and observant of these things.
And so, as one planet ends its retrograde motion, another begins. Mercury (wing-footed Hermes) is retrograde (13 degrees Sag, 27 degrees Scorpio) until Dec. 6 at the new moon. Mercury retrograde — rediscovering, sorting through and assessing the past, eliminating what is no longer useful, keeping what is. Mercury is retro in Scorpio, then Sag. We all know the rules of Mercury retrograde. We refrain from initiating new projects, and from buying large items (cars, homes, appliances, things of great value). 
We are careful with communication, thinking, speaking, driving, etc. We check and recheck the fine print. We ponder upon our words before we speak. We are compassionate with others as they speak. Everyone’s mental apparatus is upside down, inside out, sideways. Except those born in Mercury retrograde. 
With Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius, we are careful while traveling. We may end up in places we least expect. We are careful while communicating with the law, with lawyers and professors. Mercury retro is a time of productivity. We clean out, review, update, confirm, revise, catch up, reconnect and become aware of deep revelatory insights. We are flexible and adaptable and sometimes think backwards. We research and reflect. We re-think, re-work, re-envision, re-arrange and re-kindle. 
We slow down, enter into a sort of retreat. We consider Mercury retro as a time to hide away, creating a sanctuary and a refuge from the world. We slow down. 

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