Esoteric astrology as news for the week of Nov. 9 through Nov. 15:

Esoteric astrology as news for the week of Nov. 9 through 15:
Scorpio is a most interesting sign, it is also the most mysterious. Before we enter Capricorn, Scorpio offers us points of crisis and moments of reorientation, two deeply important functions of Scorpio, and of great value for us to understand (concerning ourselves as Scorpio, friends and family who may be Scorpio). 
Our lives on Earth are our chosen spiritual adventure. There comes a time in one or more lifetimes when we find that we have divine curiosity, we want to understand the underlying motives of livingness (our lives), and we are eager to progress forward sanely and with serenity. 
When we are thinking this way, we can know we are stepping upon the Path of Return. We want to be practical, to understand what is of value to us (Venus retrograde), and we want to pass all of the Nine Scorpio Tests. It is only through understanding of these things and the nature of the tests that true insight may be cultivated. We then feel optimism and understand what it means to be a World Disciple. 
Scorpio is the sign of the World Disciple. The Nine Tests (nine-headed hydra, which Hercules must confront) are divided into three major tests for the three levels of the personality (physical, emotional, lower mental). Each disciple must pass into Scorpio for testing nine times. Scorpio carries the tests down into the physical plane where the tests are faced, must be handled. 
All the tests and difficulties must be “carried up into heaven,” which means all problems must be solved through the use of the reasoning, illumined mind — lifting all difficulties up to the Light of the Soul. We visualize this.

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