Esoteric astrology as news for the week of Oct. 25 through Oct. 30

ARIES: Assess if there are any needs you or a partner have that are unspoken, unknown andp erhaps hidden, only coming to life when conflict and chaos arise. Asking about values and needs are good questions to ask in all relationships (with self and others), and especially now.
TAURUS: It’s time to teach others what you know. You protect, hide and shield information until the right time comes forth, and now is that time.
GEMINI: Write down by hand what you value most in daily life. Make it into a journal. When expectations are placed upon you, explain you’re working slowly now as life has taken a sideways turn.
CANCER:  Something slips into your life that makes you happier, creating a surging forth of determination and courage and a new sense of creativity. You’ll be inspired about how and where you live. Prepare for a new life to appear.

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