Rubicon youth perform 'Into the Woods'

web 8 9 Rubicon Into the Woods photo
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Pictured are Daniel Metten as Rapunzel’s Prince, Alyssa Hurd as the baker’s wife; Louis Santia as the baker; Ren Tallent as the narrator; Olivia Zonni as Cinderella; Luke Pfeiffer as Cinderella’s prince; Sophia Rocha as Jack’s mom; Ashlynn Vaglica as the witch; and Troy Braun as Jack.


Rubicon Theatre Company closes the 2019 Jackie Oakie Summer Youth Program with the Tony Award-winning musical “Into the Woods.” Twenty-seven young performers tell the story of how to get your “happily ever after” — and what happens once you have it. “Into the Woods” is one of Sondheim’s most highly regarded shows with a remarkable score.

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