NEW OUSD deadline Aug. 31: New law allows high school students to request ‘pass / no pass’ grades

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On July 1, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill AB 104 (new Education Code section §49066.5 ) requires school districts grant students the opportunity to change low grades to a "Pass" or "No Pass" option.

Ojai Unified School District Principal David Monson sent a note to parents on the OUSD communication platform, ParentSquare, that provides a form for OUSD high school students to fill out to change a grade to "pass" or "no pass" for the 2020-21 school year.

The OUSD form is due Aug. 31, according to the principal’s message.

People can either complete the application online or the paper form, which is available in the main office at Nordhoff. You do not need to complete both.

The form can be downloaded at 

Different school districts have different deadlines for the form.

The Ventura County Office of Education form has an Aug. 14 deadline.

The law was passed “to counteract the negative impact of the pandemic on academic achievement and graduation credits,” according to a press release from the Ventura County Superintendent of Schools Office, released July 30.

Call Nordhoff High School at 805-640-4343 for more information about the OUSD form or call the Ventura County Office of Education at 805-383-1900 about its form.

Based on Section 2 of AB 104, a parent, guardian, or education rights holder of any student who was enrolled in high school during the 2020-21 academic year (or a student if they are 18 or older) may submit a request to have a letter grade earned for any course, as reflected on the student's transcript, changed to a "Pass" or "No Pass" grade.

To request this type of grade change on a student's transcript, complete the form and submit it to a student's academic counselor.

According to Principal Monson, "The California State University system is required to accept a grade of Pass during the 2020-21 year for purposes of admitting students. The University of California system has been encouraged to accept a Pass. However, private colleges and universities are not required to accept a grade of Pass in place of a letter grade.

View the CDE’s list of post-secondary institutions that WILL accept Pass/ No Pass on a transcript at

According to the law, school districts and charter schools are required to post the grade-change request form on their websites and notify families of the option by Aug. 2. Students then have at least 15 days after that to submit the form, which their schools must accept.

People can also review the following based on a student's desired pathway after graduation:

University of California (UC)• University of California (UC)University of California (UC)• University of California (UC): - The University of California’s Response to COVID-19: Admissions and Financial Aid

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• California Community Colleges Guidance Letter

• Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities (AICCU) Institution Activities to Serve High School Juniors and Seniors

• California Department of Education: AB 104 Postsecondary Institution Survey Results


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